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   I had a dream. Other real estate agents turned up their eyes at me and dismissed my dream. My dream was a passion I had held from age 12. Now at 57, I had the thought that I could combine my lifelong passion with the cold hard pragmatism of real estate investing. My dream made financial sense to me, but not to most real estate agents I talked to. I guess that they thought it was too much hassle to deal with a guy like me- an idealist with an impractical dream that would be a lot of work for them. Christine Hannah made my dream come true. She did what other agents said was Impossible- to find an investment property close to my home in San Francisco that would let me do what I had been dreaming about for a long time. I am forever in her debt for this service, but more importantly, I thank her for believing in me and taking the time to hear what I was saying and finding the right property for me- the quitesssential problem client. The guy who wants what is impossible. Well, Christine found me the impossible and made my dream come true. 

    I teach public school music in San Francisco and was able to buy one of the 3 houses there in 2003 under 300K. My initial purchase, plus the 10+ years of sweat equity that I accumulated resulted in a large equity position. In the mean time, I lived like a church mouse and didn't buy anything that wasn't necessary. In 2015, I was in a position to buy an investment property. I secured a HELOC on my more than doubled equity in SF and went shopping.  

    I should tell you that my passion is Greyhound buses. I own 2 buses, one a seated restoration and the other one a motorhome conversion. These vehicles are normally a "go away" in any neighborhood. Christine found me a a property 32 miles from my home. An acre of land with a 4 bedroom house for 245K. The property had been on the market for 104 days and fallen through on previous offers. Christine was able to negotiate a difficult transaction and close the deal. 

    I am now in a positive equity position with the property that meets my unique needs. The facts bear out that Christine Hannah will go the distance and get you what you want to have in California real estate.

Sincerely, Peter Govorchin

Lynn O'Connell, Marcelo De Neme

"We searched for over a year for the perfect house for our family. Christine Hannah's patience and dedication to our search was consistent throughout, especially during the purchase process. Her long-term real estate experience and knowledge was very helpful to us. Christine painstakingly insured all building permits were in order by the time escrow closed. Additionally, she saved us a considerable amount of money with her persistence during negotiations. Thank you for helping us find a place to call home." Posted FEB/2017

Arun and Malini Rawal

We met Christine Hannah at an Open House. Christine immediately took charge and provided us with excellent service. She handles her business with professionalism and integrity. We now live in the home of your choice. I know I will trust Christine with my business in the future. Arun and Malini Rawal August . We are now doing business with Christine for 7 years.

Marcus Perry and Wife Annie

I met Christine Hannah on the tennis court 10 years ago. Not only was I impressed by her consistency on the court, I have become equally impressed with her knowledge of the local real estate market and use of the latest real estate tools. Just as on the tennis court, she is giving her best in the real estate industry. I am very satisfied with her communication and negotiation skills. I know I will trust Christine with my business in the future. Sincerely, Marcus Perry August 2015

Manfred Delehean

“I got what I wanted and needed through Christine Hannah’s responsive, can do and get it done efforts. Through the whole Christine was my buffer. She handled my new home purchase as if it she were purchasing the home for herself. I will use Christine and Homes of the Napa Valley for all my future real estate transactions, with confidence I won’t have any heartaches or headaches…” Manfred Delehean, October 2016

John Davis, San Francisco 8/2009

Christine Hannah has assisted with the purchase of my dream home. She found the perfect home with a wonderful FHA (203K)loan. My down payment was low. There was plenty of money to restore and decorate it without additional out-of-pocket money. Christine is my realtor and friend for life.

John and Gail Latini, Napa

"Christine was great to work with in buying our dream house. Christine's expertise and professionalism was absolutely valuable. We not only acquired our dream house but we got it for a very reasonable price thanks to Christine! We completely trust her judgment and integrity."

Keith Miller, Yountille, CA

I found my Dream Home with the assitance of Christine Hannah. Thank You!

Bill Hartman, Napa

"From the moment Christine and I met I knew that my real estate needs were in great hands. We instantly got along well and I am confident in her expertise of the home-buying process."

Stephen K. Smith, WellsFargo, Napa

"Having worked with numerous real estate agents and brokers, I can say with utter confidence that Christine is definately a person a client can trust with their largest investment."

Brian Nayler, Napa

"Christine's passion for people and her business in real estate is profound. Instantly, I sensed a trustworthiness about her that I find priceless. With Christine, you have a friend who cares as well as a great business parter."

Charles Baker, American Canyon

"I have known Christine and her family for over 15 years. In that time I learned she is extremely focused on the fulfillment of her clientelle. Her drive for her business, unstoppable. Her compassion and support for her friends and family amazing! What I love the most about her is that she is honest, even when the truth hurts, and she's really compassionate about my needs."

Zack Bradley, Napa

"Christine is a hard working, deligent, passionate and honorable person. She is a great gal, even the German accent doesn' hold her back."

Ann Modewski, Napa, August 2009

Thumbs up for Christine

Ian Allison, Sacramento

"Christine Hannah is a jolly, happy person who is dedicated and passionate about everything she takes on. She is always smiling & engaging with people. She posesses integrity and effective communication skills."

Dr. Cathy Dycaico, Davis

"Christine Hannah is outgoing, warm and passionate. She truly cares and always listens. She is a very wise person and I trust her guidance and advice."

Dave Bissel, Sonoma

"Christine is a free-spirited kind of person. She takes her business very serious. From the blind eye, she looks much like a work-a-holic. Yet, from the eyes of a person who has known her for several years, she works hard, and plays harder! She is one of my favorite 'motorcycle' riding buddies!"

Ryan Mueller, Berkeley

"Christine is always smiling and has an abundance of real estate knowledge to contribute. She is fun and hearty- a good friend!"

Dave Hoyt, Woodland

Susan Robinson,Toastmaster VP of Education in Napa

I am a small business owner and love the support Christine offers to her clients and network associates

Doris Bognar, Petaluma

Sam Jones, Napa

Chris Mclaughlin, San Rafael

Joyce Schlick, San Rafael

Jaki Nett, Napa

Meredith Mill, Owner, Millworks Design/Construction

“When, in the market to buy a home, search for a tenacious marketer and a knowledgeable, experienced broker. Christine is this kind of professional. Because buying a home is such a large and personal purchase, consider, too, a broker who will take the time to listen to and truly hear your needs - - one who is able to translate and match those needs to the type of property you're looking for. Christine will be direct and ask the appropriate questions required to put you in a home that perfectly suits you - - and you'll have great fun working with her!!”

David Eakin, Assoc. Professor, DeVry University

“Christine is a creative, energetic, make-things-happen person in the domain in which I have worked with her: growth and development training. In the three years I have worked with Christine, I have seen her create several new endeavors that bring people together. She is a bold adventurer in the realm of humanity and people fulfilling their dreams.” October 15, 2009

Brian Kaemmer

Wisdom Team in my office in Napa

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